Greeting from CREATIVO!

Creativo is an institution that focuses on design and photography courses.Our goals are to help students developing their skills and ideas to create their own CREATIVO (Creative Portfolio) and to prepare them facing the Graphic Design & Advertising industrial world.

Our programs :

# Short Course
> Software Skill (learning how to use design software only)
> Conceptual Skill (learning how to use design software and how to develop design concepts and ideas)

# Photography Course, in cooperation with Upperture (Workshop Photography, Jakarta)
> Photography for Hobbies
> Photography for Amateur
> Photography for Professional

# Hand Drawing Course
> Sketch
> Perspective
> Still Life
> Anatomy & Manga

# Foundation Course
> Graphic Design
> Multimedia

You can see our program details at If you would like to request any specific materials for design class, you may talk to us first. ^^

Please feel free to contact us :
Ruko Villa Bukit Mas RN – 02
Jl. Abdul Wahab Siamin
Surabaya, Indonesia
Ph. +62 31 8397 1118
sms center 08175123463

Nama: ronal

Phone: 082187212